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E Cigarettes are fast becoming the new cigarette world wide. It's a healthier option. 5 Years from now it will be the norm and not the exception. If you love smoking now is the time to change. We make no promise that our Electronic Cigarette will make you stop smoking or quit smoking. However, In our past experience 30% of our customers have stopped smoking completely within 3 months from changing their brand to Infinity X one Electronic Cigarettes.

Infinity X One Electronic cigarettes are not sold, or intended to be sold, as a smoking cessation product, nor does it make any claims that consumers will stop using tobacco products completely.

Infinity products, be it electronic cigarettes or e liquid, are not to be sold to persons under the age of 18 years.

Infinity e cigarettes and other infinity products is an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products.

Although there are divided opinions across the world about the health benefits of electronic cigarettes, many studies have shown that e cigarette smoking is 99% less harmful than smoking tobacco products and poses no risk to bystanders and although many studies exist, it remains the responsibility of each customer to familiarise themselves with risk, if any, associated with smoking an electric cigarette.

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 Months Guarantee






Leak  Proof Guarantee

Infinity offers the best quality products available in the market place and offers guarantees un-matched by any competitor.

In the event that either your battery stops working or the atomiser stops working, Infinity would repair or replace the broken unit at no charge.

Accidental breakage like sitting on the electronic cigarette will not be covered by the guarantee.

The single most important issue among E Cigarette smokers is the fact that liquid gets into their mouth. We guarantee that Infinity Electronic Cigarettes are leak proof. In the vent that any liquid leaks from the electric cigarette Infinity will replace the product free of charge once it has been inspected.

Infinity – the Best Electronic Cigarette in the market

Electronic cigarette is basically electronic devices intended to look and serve the way like regular cigarettes. The difference however is evident in the name itself. These cigarettes are battery operated and hence, be used over and over again. Just like a regular tobacco cigarettes, they contain nicotine.

Working and Safety Concerns associated with Electronic cigarette

It uses an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid containing nicotine. These vapors are then inhaled like the normal cigarettes, but unlike them, e-cigarettes do not burn or use tobacco leaves. The solution used in these cigarettes, beside nicotine, contains propylene glycol. Glycerol and other flavouring agents may or may not be present. The vapor cloud produced in the process resembles that of the normal cigarette smoke.

The manufactures claims that these cigarettes are safe to use. They say it is a safe alternative to the regular tobacco cigarettes; the harmful compounds in which has rendered them injurious to human health, but Food and Drug Authority has questioned this claim and is doubtful on the safety of this product. However, many studies have shown that smoking the x one is 99 percent less deleterious than its tobacco counterparts. It has also been shown that there is no passive smoking issue too. The people in vicinity are in no danger to its fumes. Using e-cigarettes do not ensure that the user would cease to use the tobacco products completely. It just provides an alternative, and yes a safe, option.

Choosing the For You.

When it comes to best electronic cigarette available in the market, then there is only one company that stands out – that is Infinity, which provides the best product, which is high quality and at the same time, is very safe compared to other brands. This company also provides a guarantee unlike other companies who seem to hesitate in providing a guarantee to their customers because they know they don’t have a quality cigarette.

Any time during the use of our X One Series, if your battery stops working or your atomizer gives you trouble, Infinity will repair the concerned part if possible – or they will change it at no cost, but you need to keep in mind that this guarantee doesn’t cover accidental breakage on your part.

The most common issue that smokers seem to have when it comes to e-cigarette is that the liquid seems to get to their mouth through leakage. Infinity guarantees that their cigarette will remain leak proof no matter how long you use it. If, in the worst case scenario, the e-cigarette starts to leak, then Infinity will replace your cigarette with a new one at no cost.

Where can I buy an Infinity electronic cigarette?

We Have Many Outlets and you can go to our store locator on our website. You can also contact us via e-mail at info@infinityxone.co.za


 Months Guarantee