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Liquid Gold Cherry Cavendish

Chocmint Watermelon E Liquid Chocmint Menthol E Liquid Chocmint Cherry E Liquid Infinity E Liquid Flavours Infinity Tobacco Blend E Liquid : With Honey as a base, this is truely devine. Infinity Wild West E Liquid : The closest you will ever find to a real cigarette. Infinity Menthol Blend E Liquid : Will satisfy any methol cigarette smoker. Chocmint E Liquid Flavours Chocmint Berry Bliss E Liquid : Exciting mixture of Blueberries, Strawberries and Cranberries. Chocmint Cherry E Liquid : Our Cherry has always been the best, now it's even better! Chocmint Menthol E Liquid : Pure Menthol. Clear, crisp and fresh. Chocmint Watermelon E Liquid : Yummy, Lekker, Exotic! Cherry Cavendish R150

The Best Electronic Cigarette Liquid in South Africa

Homeopathic e liquid option available.

Finding the best electronic cigarette liquid is a challenge in South Africa when given a number of stores selling e-liquids. Now your hunt for the best e liquid South Africa ends here. You have probably been to a number of stores looking for the best e-liquid that gives you full satisfaction of smoking an e-cig. Finally, you have come to the right dealer of e-cigarettes liquids.

The best e liquid South Africa is characterized by high quality flavours and varying levels of nicotine. The flavours enable the e-cig inhaler to enjoy smoking sensation with electronic cigarettes. The varying levels of nicotine help the ex-smoker of tobacco to gradually manage a nicotine-free smoking as an addiction that keeps people smoking more conventional cigarettes. At Infinity, we offer high quality flavours of e-liquids, and they make us the leading providers of e-juice in South Africa. We are unsurpassed by any competitor with the variety of flavours and nicotine levels we offer to our customers.

Which flavours do Infinity offers?

We offer varying flavours of e liquid. The e-cigarette liquids we offer come with Infinity flavours, Chocmint E-liquid flavours, and Liquid Gold flavours. Under Infinity flavours, we have Infinity Ice, Tobacco Blend, Wild West, and Menthol Blend. These come in 30ml bottles.

The Chocmint flavours include Berry Bliss, Cherry, Watermelon, and Menthol. On the other hand, Liquid Gold flavours include Cherry Cavendish, Rum & Maple, and Sinful fruit. All these are quality flavours that will give you a good feeling of smoking e-cigs instead of smoking traditional cigarettes. Some flavours, like menthol blend, simulate the flavours found in conventional cigarettes in order to help one transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarette. For electronic cigarette liquid in South Africa, we are the leading providers.

In addition to the flavours of e liquid that we offer, we have varying levels of nicotine that range from low to high levels. The low levels include the 0mg of nicotine, also known as homeopathic, or homeopathic e liquid. If you want transition completely from smoking the high levels of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes then 0mg nicotine electronic cigarette liquid is for you. There are moderately high levels of nicotine found in e-liquids. However, they are not as harmful as in the tobacco cigarettes because tobacco cigarettes have thousands of chemicals that, when smoked, may cause many diseases. Infinity has the best electronic cigarette liquids in South Africa characterized by quality flavours and different levels of nicotine.

What makes e liquid from Infinity the best?

We have done an in-depth research into all the flavours of e liquid on the global market. The quality flavours of electronic cigarette coincide with the moods of inhalers. We have flavours that not only give you a smoking sensation, but match your moods. We assure you that the flavours of e-juice we have are unparalleled on the market. Instead, they are competitive on the global market.

Our best e-liquids are the outcomes of our extensive research. Moreover, our electronic cigarette liquid is the best in South Africa because of low prices that we offer.

Created from a mild Turkish Tobacco with a light undertone of Cherry, this e liquid is one for the connoisseur who appreciates good wine, good food and good company.

Berry Bliss

A mixture of


Blueberries and Cranberries creates

an e liquid of


with this unique

recipe. Smooth,

soft and tasty.


Our Cherry is a unique e liquid. There are many cherry flavoured e-liquids available and yet our customers return by the dozens to purchase this unique e-liquid. If you are looking for a cherry flavoured e liquid that outperforms any other then you have found

it at last.


Pure menthol e liquid. Created by demand. If ever there were a menthol e-liquid that took the market by surprise, this would be

it!  A pure, clean and crisp tasting e liquid.


Another winning

e liquid that

gives an awesome taste with the lingering aftertaste of fresh

watermelon. This

is a funky e-liquid and popular under the ladies.

Infinite Ice

A Superb e liquid blended from a mild tobacco with a hint of pure mint. Infinite

Ice is an e-liquid

That gives you the immediate “wow” reaction if you were smoking a mint flavoured cigarette before.

Tobacco Blend

Most definitely our best-selling e liquid. This is so unique that we are barely able to keep up with the demand of this e-liquid. A mild tobacco

blend with the undertones of pure honey to create

one of the best e liquids available in the market.

Wild West

If the taste of a real cigarette is what you’re after then this e liquid

is the closest you will

get to smoking a real cigarette. Strong tobacco taste, with all the qualities of a true

smoke in the form of


Menthol Blend

Another e-liquid that

will satisfy any

menthol smoker’s

needs. This e liquid

gives a distinct menthol flavour

with the undertone

of a mild tobacco.

Liquid Gold Liquid Gold Sinful Fruit Liquid Gold Rum & Maple Sinful Fruit Rum & Maple

Created form the natural extract for Peach and then blended into a unique fruit flavoured e liquid. This is considered exotic… very exotic. An e-liquid that you do not share with your friends. One that screams, MINE !

A unique blended e liquid that caters for the need of those individuals who dare to be different.

Liquid Gold Sinful Fruit R220 Liquid Gold Rum & Maple R220 R120 R120 Liquid Gold Flavours Liquid Gold Flavours Liquid Gold Flavours Chocmint E Liquid Flavours Chocmint E Liquid Flavours Liquid Gold Liquid Gold Infinity Infinite Ice E Liquid : With a hint a pure mint.