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Infinity offers one range, the X-One Series, And Will continue to offer Only the X-One series until such Time that the international market can outperform or Match the quality and reliability of our product.

Why “ Infinity Electronic Cigarettes South Africa “ are the best

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Electronic Cigarettes in South Africa


Where can I find the best electronic cigarettes in South Africa? What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

The E cigarette, are becoming popular as the most effective alternative smoking method. It does not give adverse effects and dangerous results to a person’s health. Its risks are very insignificant that there is no need of mentioning it! Cigarette smoking can cause thousands of possible illnesses that will lead to death. An average smoker is known to reduce his life span to 15 years less than what is expected and is proven not to give the same effects that normal cigarettes provide.

How Does an e cigarette Work?

An e cigarette uses electricity or a normal charger to make it work. There is also no need for matches or lighters to create smoke. There are just a few buttons to click, and you can start smoking its risk-free contents. There are also some mobile applications that provide mobile lighters to make your E cigarette work. It uses technology and still provides the user with a much better smoking experience. And there is no fear for future health issues.

An electric cigarette use a liquid flavoring to act as the source of its content. It is available in almost any flavour that you could think of. The good thing about its flavours is that, it smells good, unlike the normal smoke, and tastes good. One disadvantage of traditional cigarettes is the bad odor and smoke coming from it and it causes the user to have a bad breath. The Infinity X One electronic cigarette will not make you or your breath smell bad. You get to pick the smell and taste of the flavour that you desire!

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